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Who We Are?

about who we are | Team | experience | expertise | mission | values | principles | technical standards |  minimalistic architecture

Experience & Expertise

HoneyComb Constructions is a private company founded in Athens in 2005, being servicing the business of construction management, architectural design, civil engineering design and real estate development. 

Our team consists of project managers and engineers with large experience, going all the way back to 1975, and of high expertise, with bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in the fields of civil, architecture and mechanical engineering.

We have undertaken and successfully delivered a large number of home residence, apartments and maisonettes, offering services that make the most of each project.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us” 

Winston Churchill

"Form should
follow Function"

Our Mission

Our design and construction are guided by the “form should follow function” principle, leading to minimalism in architecture and high functionality for the end user. 

Through the design of clean surfaces and elements, and the use of elementary materials such as concrete, glass and wood, we establish an ageless and intimate character of high aesthetics in our buildings. 

These values effortlessly yield structures with high-reaching utilization of interior space, and exterior surfaces capitalizing on local environment conditions and sun orientation. 

Technical Standards

HoneyComb Constructions designs its structures according to the latest articles of Greek Anti-Seismic Regulation (EAK 2000) and Greek Concrete Regulation (EKOS 2000) which have been the guide for the Eurocode Design Regulations.

The ecological conscience of HoneyComb Costructions is aligned with the stringent articles of the latest Regulation of Buildings Energy efficiency (KENAK 2017). This results to the design of energy efficient buildings with minimized thermal losses and low carbon footprint.

The requirement of construction meeting a demanding design leads to structures implemented with materials of the best properties in the market. Top-end materials are employed and properly handled through out all the construction phases. This ensures the structural integrity, energy efficiency, and final exterior and interior architecture of the building, providing a unique product to the end user.

“When we build, let us think that we build forever”

John Ruskin